About Sompo Museum of ArtConcept

The Sompo Museum of Art is the only art museum in Asia
to house Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, Sunflowers.

The museum acts as a communicator of arts and culture amongst the busy streets of Shinjuku,
helping to develop a new interest in these fields. It also promotes regional and international exchange,
all while ensuring that it fosters diverse values to create an appealing art museum for all.

The museum’s exterior design features a combination of vertical and curved surfaces
- designed around motifs from its core collection of Seiji Togo’s artworks
- all while maintaining harmony with the existing headquarters building.

Facility Overview

Architectural design TAISEI DESIGN Planners, Architects & Engineers
Exhibition gallery design TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
Construction Reinforced concrete
Total floor area 3,956 square meters
Floors 6 above ground, 1 basement level


The Sompo Museum of Art features the soft curves designed to match the bell-bottom shape of Sompo Japan’s headquarters and an artistic and sculptural outlook, both of which are the design concepts of the new museum building. These curves have been incorporated in the building’s interior and exterior,creating a unique space.

Building Interior

The building consists of a first-floor entrance hall,second-floor museum shop and rest space, and exhibition galleries spread from the third to fifth floors. Wood has been used in the ceilings and floors of the shop and rest space, creating a space where visitors can enjoy the afterglow of their visit in a comfortable atmosphere.

Exhibition Galleries

The exhibition galleries were built around white tones.A variety of equipment is installed inside of the exhibition galleries which enables various styles of exhibitions.