• Henri Le Sidaner – Henri Martin

    2022.03.26(Sat)- 06.26(Sun)

    Current Exhibition

    The first retrospective exhibition in Japan of collected works by artists Henri Le Sidaner (1862-1939) and Henri Martin (1860-1943), who flourished in France from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century. These two artists established their own styles of painting by incorporating contemporary expression techniques such as Neo-Impressionism and Symbolism, while building on Impressionism. They depicted fantastic themes, idyllic landscapes, and scenes of people close to them and their lives, with intimate emotions. Le Sidaner and Martin were core members of the generation that would be called “the last impressionists,” and while they were close friends, they each sought to express light in their art in ways that were unique to their local regions. For example, Le Sidaner would focus on the soft, hazy light peculiar to northern France, while Martin drew the dazzling light of southern France. This exhibition will trace the path of these two artists who developed their own unique painting world through the Belle Époque period, through around 75 oil paintings, drawings and lithographs.

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  • Renoir et l’art moderne, Collections du Musée du Petit Palais de Genève

    2022.07.13(Wed)- 10.10(Mon)

    Notice of the exhibition

    The Petit Palais in Geneva, Switzerland, owns a rich collection of modern French paintings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The founder, businessman Oscar Ghez, was an avid art collector, and the Petit Palais began in 1968 when he first exhibited and opened the collection to the public in an elegant mansion. The Petit Palais has been closed since the death of Mr. Ghez, but now an exhibition composed of only works from the collection will be held for the first time in 30 years in Japan. This exhibition will introduce the flow of modern French painting from Impressionism to Neo-Impressionism, Les Nabis, Fauvism, Cubism, and École de Paris (School of Paris), with a substantial lineup of 65 oil paintings by 38 artists.

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  • “Delicious” Botanical Art (tentative title)

    2022.11.05(Sat)- 2023.01.15(Sun)

    Notice of the exhibition

    An exhibition of botanical art works that have a special focus on edible plants, being held in cooperation with Britain’s Royal Botanical Gardens (the Kew Gardens). The exhibition will showcase botanical art that includes not only vegetables and fruits, but foods that greatly changed the eating habits of British people, such as coffee, tea, herbs and various spices. The works are accompanied by anecdotes and backgrounds on how said foods came to be incorporated as ingredients. There will also be displays of other materials related to food, such as old recipes and ceramics that decorated dinner tables, to become an exhibition that explores British history and culture through “delicious” botanical art.

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  • FACE 2023

    2023.02.18(Sat)- 03.12(Sun)

    Notice of the exhibition

    This is the 11th exhibition of works submitted for the contemporary painting competition. As a "gateway to success" for new and emerging artists, regardless of age or affiliation, this exhibition features approximately 80 works selected from pieces submitted by artists across Japan (of which 9 are award-winning works). Enjoy these works that capture the sensibilities of their time through various techniques and motifs. These are works of true power, which can potentially become world-class pieces of art in the future. An audience award will also be presented based on votes submitted by visitors.

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