• From Tradition to Innovation

    Van Gogh and Still Life

    2023.10.17(Tue)- 2024.01.21(Sun)

    Introducing of the exhibition

    This exhibition of still life paintings features around 20 works by Vincent van Gogh, including the Sunflowers painting owned by the Sompo Museum of Art, as well as some 50 works by other artists. The Van Gogh’s works are placed within the chronology of European still life paintings from the 17th to the early 20th centuries and explores what he learned from his predecessors, how they influenced his own works, and the impact they had on future artists. In addition, the exhibition will also include a section focusing on the Sunflowers painting, which will introduce the works of Van Gogh and artists of his era that painted flowers and sunflowers, while also examining why they chose these particular subjects.

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  • FACE 2024

    2024.02.17(Sat)- 03.10(Sun)

    Introducing of the exhibition

    This is the 12th exhibition of works submitted for this contemporary painting competition. As a "gateway to success" for new and emerging artists, regardless of age or affiliation, this exhibition features the works selected from pieces submitted by artists across Japan. Enjoy these works that capture the sensibilities of the times through various techniques and motifs. These are works of true power, which can potentially become internationally recognized works of art in the future. An audience award will also be presented based on votes submitted by exhibition visitors.

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