Education programs

We will make admission free for all students of and below high school age, so that the children who represent our next generation can have the chance to experience genuine art. When elementary, middle and high school students visit the museum for a class trip, all accompanying teachers will also be admitted free of charge. In addition, as part of our youth education programs, we will continue to hold workshops and distribute Junior Booklets that provide explanations on the various exhibits and displays. Furthermore, for local elementary and middle schools, members of our guide staff (volunteers) will help to conduct “Dialogue based Art Appreciation Classes” at the museum on days when it is closed to the public.

Regarding Class Trips

When elementary, middle and high schools conduct class trips to the museum, students will not need to present their student handbooks (IDs) on the day, if an application is submitted via FAX five days prior to the desired date. We will also exempt accompanying teachers from paying the admission fee. However general supervisors will be charged as usual.

Regarding Museum Practical Work Internships

At this museum, we offer practical work internships for students (university/graduate school level) who intend to acquire qualification as a curator.