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Five-Star Artists

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The Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art is organizing a series of exhibitions titled Quintet: Five-Star Artists and is featuring five artists whose work has been shown regularly in museum exhibitions and other venues in Japan and abroad. Taking landscapes as its unifying theme, the past two Quintet exhibitions delighted many visitors with its array of works painted with different methods by the five artists and the harmonious atmosphere that resulted from the dynamic interaction of the compositions from their artistic worlds.
In this third exhibition, titled Quintet III, we present about 70 new works by the artists Natsumi Kawashima, Kayoko Kimura, Tomoko Hashimoto, Yukiko Hori, and Miyuki Yokomizo. In the twenty some years since these five artists graduated from art universities, their works have been shown in exhibitions such as our Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award Exhibition FACE, as well as the Domani: The Art of Tomorrow exhibition and the VOCA exhibition, and they have continued to pursue their art with a strong conviction that has led to the creation of their own unique worlds or expressions.
The theme of this exhibition is nature. Five artists look at nature with respect and paint with the inspiration gotten from nature. The works they paint are not realistic ones, but originally composed ones with their unique senses and memories added over nature. Works like these that move the hearts and minds of the viewer reveal common sensitivities in these artists.
Stand in front of the paintings of the five artists, and tune your ears to the vibrations emanating from the canvases. You will be sure to hear a quintet performing in your soul, with the music continuing to reverberate for some time.


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Pick up

  • Natsumi Kawashiro 《Please take raindrops》2014


  • Kayoko Kimura 《Birth》

    2014 162×130.3cm

  • Tomoko Hashimoto 《Illusion for Tomorrow – Mirabilis》

    2016 145.5×145.5cm

  • Yukiko Hori 《forest in the afternoon》

    2016 116.7×91cm

  • Miyuki Yokomizo 《Weave Words》

    2012 162×162cm

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