Henri Le Sidaner – Henri Martin

Henri Le Sidaner – Henri Martin

2022.03.26(Sat)- 06.26(Sun)

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The Sompo Museum of Art, in cooperation with Sompo Holdings, Inc. and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., will make donations to the international humanitarian organizations to support the people in Ukraine. The museum will set up a donation box to conduct a fund-raising activity, and donate a part of its revenue from the sales of its "Sunflowers"postcards.
The Sompo Museum of Art houses Vicent van Gogh's Sunflowers in its collection, and because the sunflower has been regarded globally as a symbol of peace, the museum has decided to make these contributions to support the people of Ukraine.
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The first retrospective exhibition in Japan of collected works by artists Henri Le Sidaner (1862-1939) and Henri Martin (1860-1943), who flourished in France from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century. These two artists established their own styles of painting by incorporating contemporary expression techniques such as Neo-Impressionism and Symbolism, while building on Impressionism. They depicted fantastic themes, idyllic landscapes, and scenes of people close to them and their lives, with intimate emotions. Le Sidaner and Martin were core members of the generation that would be called “the last impressionists,” and while they were close friends, they each sought to express light in their art in ways that were unique to their local regions. For example, Le Sidaner would focus on the soft, hazy light peculiar to northern France, while Martin drew the dazzling light of southern France. This exhibition will trace the path of these two artists who developed their own unique painting world through the Belle Époque period, through around 75 oil paintings, drawings and lithographs.

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  • 《Les Regains》

    1910 Huile sur panneau, 69x100cm, Callection particulière, France

    © Archives photographiques Maket Expert

    Henri Martin

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